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A Life of Faith, Love and Discovery

Sagada Over-the-Weekend Budget Trip

"What did you do in Sagada over the weekend?" Contrary to what people usually do when in Sagada -- caving, trekking, etc. -- my friends and I simple just ate...A LOT!   It was a quick pause from the every... Continue Reading →

KGSP: Just go for it!!!

I have been receiving tons of messages on my Facebook Page and comments here on my blog regarding the Korean Government Scholarship Program. I'm very happy to be able to help and journey with you through the process of what is... Continue Reading →

KGSP: Frequently Asked Questions

It's a new year and people are looking for a new adventure of a lifetime. What better way to start than taking a step of faith and applying for a scholarship abroad? That thought of living independently in a foreign... Continue Reading →

So how do I begin?

It's 2017. A new year. A new beginning. A fresh start. But how do I begin? Most people begin with a list of things they want to do, habits they want to change, or the so-called "new year's resolutions". But... Continue Reading →

The 48th TOPIK Results are out!

It was my first time to take TOPIK. Weeks before, I already regretted signing up for the intermediate/advanced test. Korean natives told me it was difficult. And yes, it really was. I was totally shaking when I entered the room. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

[Korean Book Review] Korean Grammar for International Learners

I've had this book for the longest time now. It's one of the first batch of Korean books I ordered through Seoul Selection a few years ago. However, it sadly sat on my bookshelf for some time and went with... Continue Reading →

A Reminder…

Received this message on my FB page a few weeks ago. And I was reminded that... When life seems like going in circles... When the enemy lies at you saying you will never make it... When doubt starts to fill your... Continue Reading →

48th Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

I'm officially back in Manila! From a laid-back life of hiking up mountains and crossing rivers to a much more hectic life of going up LRT/MRT stations and crossing busy (and flooded) streets (hello, rainy season!), challenges are surely part... Continue Reading →

Dare to Believe: My KGSP Experience

We all have dreams. But there is that one dream that would just complete every empty spot in our field of dreams. That one dream we want to chase after but is so elusive. That one dream that even when years has... Continue Reading →

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