Shopping with Seoul Selection

After 2 years of self-studying just through free stuff online, I’ve finally decided to move a huge step forward and purchase some Korean resources online. As I have blogged previously, I felt like I was stuck or maybe moving really slow hence my little progress in Korean recently 😦

So the other day, as per the recommendation of my friend, Jeannie, I browsed Seoul Selection and finally bought 3 books! They also offer a wide variety of books, CDs and magazines. The website is in English and it’s user-friendly so there won’t be any major difficulties in navigating through the site. However, for someone like me who’s got a lot of questions, I really wish there was a FAQs or HELP page or something. ^^

Seoul Selection

I am definitely ecstatic about this purchase. This is actually my first buy online! lol. It’s because I’m really not into online shopping afraid that I might get addicted to it and also because the shipping cost drives me nuts! Haha. But since I have no choice for this, I had to try it… and obviously I’m glad I did!

I ordered Yonsei Korean 2 and 4 (Jeannie’s gonna be sending me the level 3 for free! yay! She’s the best!) and Yonsei Korean Grammar for International Learners as well. I included Level 2 of Yonsei Korean because I think I need to brush up on my basics/foundations. Haha. I also wanted to purchase some reading materials as well, but my ever so good adviser regarding Korean stuff (Jeannie), told me it’s better to just read Naver news/blogs! Indeed, fresh reads and free!

So there you go. Can’t wait for the books to arrive!

Clockwise: Yonsei Grammar for International Learners and Yonsei Korean 2, 3 and 4

P.S. Special thanks to Jeannie for her help when I had some panic moments during the process. It was epic. And also to Shanna’s awesome book reviews here and here.


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