Finally got my Korean books! (w/ Seoul Selection Review)

The books I ordered from Seoul Selection finally arrived!

I was totally stoked about this. It was actually quite a mix of panic and excitement because I will be flying to Manila this weekend and if this package does not arrive before I go, there’ll be no one at home to receive it. Good thing, I can track my order! (Review and some tips for Seoul Selection at the end of this post)

Last night, I tried to call the EMS office here in Hanoi but the operator hung up when I asked if they can speak English. So this morning, I emailed Seoul Selection to get the tracking number, called the EMS office again and finally got to talk to someone who speaks English. They gave me the contact number of the office responsible for the delivery of my package to my house and when I called, the kind lady said she’ll have my package delivered ASAP tomorrow after she checks it for some customs thing.

I was expecting it to arrive tomorrow but it actually arrived this afternoon! Yay!

Seoul Selection via EMS Delivery
Seoul Selection via EMS Delivery

So here they are!

The Yonsei Korean books are bigger than what I expected. And quite heavy, too. LOL But they’re so pretty and glossy! haha. Browsed each of ’em a little and I’m totally satisfied. Can’t wait to embark my 3rd year in learning Korean with this books as my companions. ㅋㅋㅋ

Like what I’ve discussed with my friend before, Yonsei 2 is more of the basics and though I’m past this level, I decided to include it since I really want to brush up on my Korean foundations. It’s totally no use to go on without totally building up strong foundations on the language.

Anyway, will write another post for the book reviews!

Yonsei Korean 2 and 4; Yonsei Korean Grammar for International Learners

Seoul Selection Review (this is only based on my experience with SS):

Good points: 

  • prompt email response (they really do reply to any queries)
  • relatively cheap shipping cost compared to others
  • accurate number of days for delivery as indicated in their site (mine was 2-4 days)
  • visually, I like their website, it’s clean and and easy to navigate

Areas for Improvement:

  • FAQs/Help page on their website


  • If you chose the delivery which you can track, you might want to email/ask Seoul Selection for the tracking number.

And oh, I got some freebies from Seoul Selection. Awesome!


16 thoughts on “Finally got my Korean books! (w/ Seoul Selection Review)

  1. Yay for new books! Seoul Selection is really awesome. I love their customer service. They’re really fast in returning emails. Very professional. I ordered my Yonsei 1 from them last year. Ordered on a Tuesday night. They shipped it the next day and arrived at the post office on Friday. I didn’t get freebies though. Just the card with an image of a girl in a hanbok. I hope you post an in-depth review of the books. Planning to buy Yonsei 2 and 3 soon. ^^


  2. ~ Yonsei Books!! Those are really great!!!~ I was just wondering how much did you pay for them to be shipped from Korea to Philippines?? Does the company ship them out to Canada or US as well?
    ~ When I got the books I was lucky enough to have a friend buy them from Korea and bring them back.. I ended up paying $120.00 bucks for the 4 textbooks…but I have friends here in Canada that want to purchase some as well and Hanbooks~ is way too expensive … like 60 + dollars per books with shipping >><


    1. Hi. I had them shipped to Hanoi which cost me around 35usd. It actually depends on your location and the weight of your order i guess 😉


    1. sorry for the very late reply. will do a review on it as soon as i can but so far, i’m enjoying self studying korean with yonsei books 🙂


    1. Hi Mario! As far as I can remember, it depends on how much your order weighs. I paid about 20usd/1000php for the shipping to Vietnam (I was in Vietnam when I ordered my books). Hope this helps.


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