Finally, after a long wait. Here’s my book review on Yonsei Korean 2. Sorry for the delay^^

I have been using Yonsei Korean 2 for the past month and though it’s simply a brush on the basics on my part, I still find it interesting and fun to work on especially because I need to improve mostly on my vocabulary scope these days. Haha

Yonsei Korean 2 is a two-part textbook and includes 2 audio CDs for the listening exercises. There are 10 Chapters (5 in each book) which covers different topics such as introductions, transportation, food, market, etc. Since this is the level 2 of the Yonsei Korean Series, I find it appropriate that it only includes topics useful for our daily encounters and provides related vocabs.

Each chapter is further divided into 5 parts and each part introduces new grammar points and vocabulary related to the topic on that chapter.

Contents Map

It starts with a listening exercise (with transcription for reading) on a  conversation going on between 2 characters followed by vocabulary/expression related on the topic.


Then it moves on to some exercises where you can practice the new grammar points. This is where it’s a bit of a hassle (at least for me). The grammar is introduced on the latter part of each chapter so what I do is, I first go to that part where the grammar is and go back to the beginning of the chapter so that I can incorporate the grammar use throughout the exercises.

Grammar Exercises

The grammar points are explained in English. If that grammar has many usages (e.g. ~ㄴ/는데, ~아/어/여 서), this book introduces it separately, one usage per part. It also provides sample sentences with English translations.

Conversation translation in English and the grammar points

The fifth part of each chapter is dedicated for a quick review/summary on what you’ve learned from that entire chapter. It includes pronunciation exercises, grammar, reading, etc.

Good points:

  • Beginner-friendly as it has English translations!
  • Introduces and explains the basic grammar points clearly (in English)
  • Topics are very relevant to everyday life which also Includes useful vocabulary
  • Contents map for easy navigation if you want to review a grammar or chapter
  • Conversation on the first part provides useful expressions
  • Fun grammar exercises
  • Pretty photos!

Areas for Improvement/Weak points:

  • No answers provided for the exercises
  • Some exercises are meant for 2 people or for groups (for a self-studying person’s point of view, this is not much appreciated)

Recommended for self-study?

I’m definitely loving this book for self studying as it introduces useful vocabulary and grammar. However, the Yonsei Korean Series are not made especially for self-studying but for classroom use. I believe this is what they use in Yonsei KLI so that explains why some exercises are meant for groups or for having a partner to do it with. But on most parts, you can certainly survive and have fun on your own^^

Over all, I do recommend Yonsei Korean 2 for beginners on the language.

Additional Information:

ISBN: 978-89-7141-800-0

Price: KRW 30, 000 / USD 28.30 (Seoul Selection)

You can also read my related post on how to order from Seoul Selection HERE and a site review HERE.

If you have this book, let me know what you think! 🙂


17 thoughts on “[BOOK REVIEW] YONSEI KOREAN 2

  1. Hi!i’m from the philippines too learning korean. I started learning a month ago and been looking forward to having yonsei korean textbook and ewha textbook for my studies.


  2. Hi there, stumbled across your blog while trying to look for suggestions on which textbook to use. I too just started lessons for about 1 1/2 months. Was wondering if I should start with Yonsei Korean 1 or same as yours (Yonsei Korean 2) Any suggestions? Tks


    1. Hello there!
      If you’re starting from the basics then maybe Yonsei 1 is better. But actually I do recommend you to build on your basics first before going on to Yonsei books since Yonsei books does not really go into details about conjugation, pronunciation and other things.

      Happy kstudying! Just leave me a message anytime if you have other questions.


  3. Hi there, came across your blog while browsing for korean textbook reviews. Like your blog, very informative. Since you have Yonsei Korean 2, was wondering if you could advise whether I should start off with Yonsei Korean 1 or same as yours (Yonsei Korean 2). I’ve just started korean lessons about 2 months. Thanks


    1. Hello there! I am so sorry for the VERY late reply. But anyway, better late than never right? ^^

      I started with Yonsei 2 because I felt like I already have enough foundations. If you have just started learning Korean, it would be best if you start with the first book 🙂


  4. Hi there
    I study korean language in ain shams university in egypt
    This book has been my grammer text book this term
    I really find it usefull


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