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After ages of no travel posts. Here’s from my awesome adventures in Ando Island, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines. I have been to this island 4-5 times and I still love it every single time.  The peace and quiet this small place offer is perfect for a weekend getaway with family, friends or even for a company outing!


We usually stay at Patigayon Beach Resort, a simple two-floor rest house. It’s a 15-minute walk through the community proper before you can reach the resort. The place is clean, cozy and affordable. You may opt to reserve the hall for around P1,500-P2,000 and the rooms located upstairs which cost ranges from P 300-400 only good for 2 persons. Good deal, eh? For a day tour, there are also available cottages just outside the rest house.

The rest house is furnished with all that you need during your stay — kitchenware, chairs, tables, and unlimited Karaoke! For us Filipinos who loves to sing, that’s certainly a plus! Also, the caretakers (who we already befriended since we stay here everytime we visit) are also very accommodating.





Though it’s not the perfect white, fine, sand that everyone looks for once you go for a dip, the water is refreshingly lovely and during low tide, you can walk as far as you can and find some hidden treasures such as these:






A must in this island is to conquer the slippery cave! Only 5 of us went inside this hidden cave with a small opening. If you happen to muster the courage to go inside, I have a simple tip for you: watch your head! To be safe, crawl! Haha Which explains why I looked like this:

20140905_203631 20140905_204655

Oh it was quite a hike too in order to reach the cave. You may follow the shoreline to go there or go through a grassy, stoney hill where we ALMOST got lost (This was during my second visit to the island with my colleagues for our staff development and annual planning).

20140905_195658 20140905_195355


Lastly, it’s only a 30-minute boat ride from Sabang Port to the island. There is a trip in the morning and afternoon for less than a dollar per person (forgot the exact fare) or if you got company, then you can also rent the whole boat for around P 700 roundtrip.



This is definitely one of the places I will never forget during my stay here in Eastern Samar 🙂


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