What do you like in Korean Restaurants?

Following my life blog, you’ll probably know that I am currently residing in Eastern Samar, Philippines to respond to the recovery needs of the areas affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda or internationally known as Haiyan which made landfall in this province in 2013.

Whenever I get the chance to travel back to Manila for meetings or trainings I need to attend, I usually make sure that I’d at least have a Korean meal. Of course, I love it most when my ever-supportive brother would pay the bill 🙂

The last time we had a sibling dinner-date (yes, I am so blessed^^), he took me to this simple Korean restaurant just a few blocks away from our place in Malate. It’s owned by a Korean couple and sure the food is amazing!


I’d be posting more Korean restaurant reviews soon. But before that, here are 3 things I like in Korean restaurants:

  1. The side dishes! My tummy would already be so much satisfied with just the side-dishes. Not to mention they are all refillable and unlimited!
  2. The ambiance. This depends on the place of course. But I like how they give off that Korean-feel. Some Korean restaurants have this home-y, just cozy and quiet mood while some have this noisy and busy place with smoke going off from every table with all the cooking going on. Haha.
  3. The food serving. It’s a lot. Definitely worth the bill.

Oh, just a few more weeks to go and I’ll be flying back to Manila again for the Holidays! Korean Restos around, wait for me!!!



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