What to wear for your Hongkong and Macau trip in March?

Here’s an important reminder for all travelers out there: CHECK THE WEATHER BEFORE YOU PACK AND GO.

But here’s a confession, I almost didn’t do it. Since I booked my flight last year, I already had my mind filled with all the cute dresses and blouses I was going to wear for our Hongkong and Macau trip. Fortunately, it crossed my mind to just check on the weather a week before our scheduled flight. According to my initial research, it would be around 21 to 23 degrees. So I said, oh a normal jacket or long-sleeved shirt will do and that’s what I brought with me but during our stay I found out that March is the month when winter and spring are doing a tug-of-war in Hongkong/Macau and in my opinion, winter wins during this period.

IT WAS SUPER COLD. Average low was around 10-12 degrees during our stay which was from March 9 to 12, 2016.

To give you an idea, here are my outfits during our stay, and I was still COLD.

DAY 1. Temperature was around 21 degrees. I just had a simple long-sleeved shirt on, a pair of jeggings and I put on a scarf during the night as the temperature dropped.

Day 1 #OOTD.
Day 1 #OOTD

DAY 2. We went to Macau and it was raining so we had to buy an umbrella. The temperature dropped to 12 to 14 degrees. Again, I was only wearing an ordinary long-sleeved blouse, a pair of jeans and boots. This is highly NOT recommended. Good thing was we stayed inside the hotels for sightseeing most of the time but whenever we go out of the hotels to walk around the city, I was already freezing.

Day 2 #OOTD

DAY 3. Weather was still the same though it didn’t rain. I was already prepared for the weather since I bought a coat from our shopping spree the night before at the Ladies’ Market in Mongkok (more of this in my next blogs). I wore a knee-length, long-sleeved dress topped with a coat.

Don’t be fooled, I took off my coat and just pretended not to be cold for this OOTD shot. Hahaha
Day 3 #OOTD

Day 4. We scheduled for Ocean Park for our last day in Hongkong. Good thing I wore 3 layers of clothing and a scarf this time since Ocean Park is located on top of a hill so the temperature is colder than in the city proper — to think it was already around 10-12 degrees. It was sooooo cold, my hands were freezing but it did not stop me from enjoying all the amazing rides!


In summary, for those who wants to travel to Hongkong and Macau in March here’s a suggestion of what clothes to bring:

  1. An undershirt (optional)
  2. Long-sleeved shirts
  3. Jacket/coats to top #1 and #2
  4. Closed shoes — it doesn’t need to be a pair of boots though it really adds style but go for what’s comfortable for you. Don’t wear sandals or open-toes as the weather is really cold.
  5. Scarves
  6. A pair of hand gloves (optional) – this is something I wished I had especially during our Ocean Park adventure.

More of my Hongkong-Macau adventure soon. Stay tuned!


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