KGSP Interview Process and Tips

Oh no, I am not in Korea… YET! @Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Hong Kong

I was informed that I got into the top 20 out of 100+ applicants that qualified for the Korean Government Scholarship Program  (KGSP) interview at the Korean Embassy. It was the Friday before the interview week. I only had three days! I immediately booked my flight and began searching online for interview tips hoping to find good sources of information regarding the KGSP interview in particular. Unfortunately, blogs about KGSP interviews are almost non-existent. So I’d like to help out those who will be shortlisted for the KGSP interview by sharing my own experience. Hopefully this will guide you on your preparations in nailing that interview!

Overview of the KGSP Process for Embassy Track:

  1. Embassy Selection (Application, Shortlisting and Interview)
  2. NIIED Selection
  3. University Selection (you need to pass in at least 1 of the university choices you indicated in your application)

This is purely based on my experience as a KGSP applicant from the Philippines. In our country, out of the 20 shortlisted applicants, only 5 will be recommended to NIIED. There will be 2 or 3 more people on the waiting list. Most of the time, when you get to the Final 5, the probability that you’ll go all the way to Korea is very high ^^ As for our batch, the 2 shortlisted applicants also passed the NIIED selection.

How is the interview done?

  1. You’ll be scheduled in groups of 4 with a panel of 3 interviewers.
  2. Questions will be given and the applicants take turns in giving their answers. It is quite a challenge especially if you have to go last!

How long does the interview take?

Approximatley 30 minutes. It doesn’t take too long considering that there are 4 of you in a group and there are 5 groups to be interviewed.

What are the interview questions? (This is only based on my experience and I might have already forgotten some. Most questions they asked are spontaneous and are based on our introduction and answers)

  1. Introduce yourself. I’d say this is the most important question they asked. It could make or break your whole application! Be sure you will be able to set yourself apart from the others.
  2. Why do you want to study in Korea? Do yourself a favor and DON’T answer because you watch a lot of Korean dramas and gush over KPOP.
  3. How are you going to adjust to the language barrier? Especially to those who had no background of the Korean language
  4. Give a positive and negative thing about Korea.
  5. How is your chosen major gonna help in the Philippine-Korea relations?

Any more tips?

  1. Be prepared! Think of possible questions other than those I’ve specified above. Prepare your answers, write them if you need to.
  2. Establish why your chosen major is beneficial for Korea and the Philippines. Or why you are choosing to study in Korea with that major.
  3. Talk about your achievements. It’s not bragging. The competition is tough and you are sitting with 3 more applicants with excellent credentials fighting for a spot in that scholarship!
  4. Make your answers brief and straight to the point.
  5. Learn about Korean culture, politics, economics, and why it interests you.
  6. Relax. Be confident. Smile 🙂
  7. Pray. The battle is not yours, but God’s. If it’s meant for you, nothing can take it away from you.

Take note that the KGSP scholarship gives an edge to those who will be majoring in natural sciences but it’s still worth a try. You see, I am pursuing MA in Social Welfare. It didn’t go exactly as I have planned (which I will be blogging about soon) but surely I want to encourage everyone to just go ahead, chase your dreams!!! It is better to try and learn from the experience than spend your lifetime wondering about what ifs.

Questions? Leave me a message! I’d be more than glad to help ^^ 


70 thoughts on “KGSP Interview Process and Tips

  1. hi kat! i’m thinking of applying this year and found your post very helpful. A few questions….
    1. Were the panelists local Filipinos or Koreans? Did they get technical with the interview questions?
    2. How were you informed of the interview?

    I’d also really appreciate it if you could share more about the process of writing your self introduction paper and comments you received from the embassy, if any.
    Many thanks!!


    1. Hello Aileen,

      1. During my interview, there were 2 koreans and 1 Filipino. Questions were mostly about your self, your personal views etc, nothing technical about your selected course.
      2. I got a phone call a few days before the interview.
      3. may i can write a different blog about some tips on the other requirements 🙂


      1. Are you going to write a post about the other requirements soon (study plan and introduction paper)? Please do!!
        Also, I’d love to hear other issues you encountered during the application process. I’m currently gathering all needed requirements and your posts have been very encouraging!

        Many thanks for your response Kat!


      2. Hi! Im a little confused when it comes to the GPA. Can I ask for your help on how to fill up the form regarding the GPA?


  2. Hi! I would just like to ask if did you really send the original diploma? and what docs did you submit as proof of your parent’s and also your citizenship? thank you!


  3. Hi! It was stated that you need to submit 1 original copy and 3 photocopied documents. Can I submit certified true copies of diploma and 1 original copy of birth certificates of me and my parents, the rest are photocopied?


  4. Goodness. I thought they ought to just pick one person. I can feel my hopes returning back to me. You really comforted me. Thank you so much. This is such a big help.


  5. Hi there. Are you a professor or university faculty? There’s a section in the Applicant Eligibility >> Age indicating that you should be a professor.

    Thank you


      1. Oh it’s okay 🙂 My transcript has my university’s evaluation system so I think it would work if they are confused or something. Thank you so much 🙂 And one thing by the way, do I need to write something outside the brown envelope of my application? Did not read anything about it anywhere, maybe no specific instructions but I just want to make sure I didn’t miss something. Sorry for so many questions T_T


      2. It’s okay! That’s the purpose of this blog — to help as much as I can and hopefully to inspire. 🙂

        As far as I can remember, I just wrote my name at the back of my envelopes. Don’t forget to label your documents as instructed in the guidelines.


  6. Hello. I saw in the personal medical assessment part which asks “Do you have any visual or hearing impairment?” Will it matter if I wear glasses?

    I’m also in a dilemma between choosing the University or the Embassy Track.
    Would you enlighten me how I should choose between the two?
    I would be pursuing doctorate in Computer Science by then though I know that there are no preferences between choosing doctorate and master’s applicants~


  7. Hello po. Your blog inspires me more to pursue applying for the scholarship <3. I am planning to apply for KGSP undergraduate 2018 and as what I had read, the application will start on September. I just wanted to know if I am eligible to apply if my high school will end at March of 2018. My diploma too will be given at that Month also. Can I already apply this September or I still need to wait for next year's September? Thank you po


  8. Hey!

    I have mistakenly ,mentioned the wrong university in my online application

    I have my interview on 20th March
    an i change the university name in the Application which i have to take with me for the embassy interview.


  9. Thanks for your tip. I love that last statement: “Pray. The battle is not yours, but God’s. If it’s meant for you, nothing can take it away from you.” God bless you real good. This is my third attempt and my interview comes up 28th March, 2017.


  10. Hi, I never experience groups of 4 with a panel of 3 interviewers. Can you tell me you tips to make your answer more interesting then the three others?


  11. Hi. 🙂 I’m one of the applicants for the KGSP grant. It’s already the 31sth of March and still awaiting if I made it to the initial round. What do you think my chances are to be called in for an interview around this time? 😦 I’m now thinking maybe this isn’t my time just yet. 😦


  12. Hi,

    When you we’re applying for KGSP, did you submit your TOEFL score report? I understand that I must submit this if required by the University I have chosen and even if it is an optional document as what the KGSP Guidelines indicate. Yet, some Universities actually allow some exceptions given that the applicant submits a document certifying English as the medium of instruction. I hope that you can provide me some insights or advise on this matter.

    Thanks a lot!

    Btw, I saw this blog post during the time I was at the point of giving up in my dream to study in Korea. This post really encouraged me.


  13. I applied for KGSP 2018, I just submitted my application forms at embassy of Korea, I just have few questions to ask you, how do I undergo this question, why did I chose Korea, and why do I know about Korea??


  14. How did you responded to this question,, How will you make it to learn and speak Korean language?? And what is the importance of this scholarship to you and you county?


  15. Thank you so much for writing this! Is so helpful, my cousin is having her interview this Wednesday and she’s so nervous. I’ll show her this ❤


  16. Hi! I’m also from Philippines and I just got a call from the embassy minutes ago. My interview is scheduled on Thursday and this is really helpful. Hope you’ll reply and help me prepare 🙂

    1) Is the interview in English?
    2) I actually talk a lot so I think I’ll answer them in paragraph or so, is that a bad thing?
    3) Can you tell how you answered the part where you were asked how your study will contribute the Philippines-Korea relationship?

    Thank you very much!


  17. Hi, I’m thinking of applying for KGSP next year and your post has inspired me more on my way to Korea! It’s really helpful, thanks a lot! One question though…
    I’m applying for the under-graduate scholarship and the website says I need to graduate from high school in March. My schoolyear ends in May so can I apply in the previous September or I’ll have to wait till that year’s September? I’m still struggling to figure this out, so I’d incredibly appreciate it if you can give me an answer :< Once again, thanks for your post!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Hello!

    I found your blog post very informative! I will be applying next September as I will be entering college this coming 2019! Do you think that the KGSP will accept 18-year-old students as undergraduates applying for college? The past blogs I’ve encountered stated that they were around 20’s when they got accepted!

    Thank you, and I’m looking forward to your prompt response! God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Hello! I’ll try my luck this year sa pag aapply sa kgsp. Any recommendations? Suggestions and tips po na mabibigay niyo? Saka yung list po sana ng req for undergraduate program. Salamat po!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Thank you sooo much for all the tips and encoragement you’ve given.. 🙂 .I really want to apply for KGSP next year…..I have written my high school first year exams and I’m expecting to get 98%….What will be my chances of getting into a SKY university? Specifically Korea University? I will also try to learn at least just basics of Korean like level 1 or 2 something….. Can you please advise?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! That’s a good plan 🙂 Well, i am not really in the position to say what your chances are in getting into the scholarship program or the universities as I do not have any idea of their basis/criteria for admission in the first place. Hope you do well!

      Liked by 1 person

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