[Korean Book Review] Korean Grammar for International Learners


I’ve had this book for the longest time now. It’s one of the first batch of Korean books I ordered through Seoul Selection a few years ago. However, it sadly sat on my bookshelf for some time and went with me wherever I got assigned in for the past couple of years but I never really got to use it and write a review. Now that I am reviewing for TOPIK II, I finally got more than just randomly scanning through the pages.

So here’s a quick review:




  1. It goes through all important points of the Korean grammar and basic sentence construction.
  2. It has a table of contents at the back arranged alphabetically in Korean.
  3. Good as a supplementary material for study
  4. Has lots of sample sentences for the learner to understand the context in which the grammar can be used.
  5. English translations are available.


  1. No practice tasks or grammar exercises.
  2. No summary or comparison of grammar points with similar meanings or usages which can be very helpful especially for self-study

Recommended for self-study?

Yes. But not as a main language study material. Good only as a supplementary material for further study on difficult grammar points.

Additional Information:

Korean Grammar for International Learners

Authors: Ho-bin Ihm, Kyung-pyo Hong, Suk-in Chang

Publisher: Yonsei University Press

Price: 17,000 Won / 15 USD at Seoul Selection

To know more about Seoul Selection, read HERE.


5 thoughts on “[Korean Book Review] Korean Grammar for International Learners

  1. There’s a workbook for the textbook. I wonder why nobody reviews it, though. Thank you for the review. Good luck with TOPIK! I will never be ready for that… *sigh. 시험 잘 보세요.

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    1. Oh there is? I didn’t know that. Hmm, i’ll have to take a look and maybe find time to review it in the future.

      Thanks! you can try TOPIK! You’ll never know when you’re ready until you take that coruageous step forward ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

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