The 48th TOPIK Results are out!

It was my first time to take TOPIK. Weeks before, I already regretted signing up for the intermediate/advanced test. Korean natives told me it was difficult. And yes, it really was.

I was totally shaking when I entered the room. Perhaps because of the cold room temperature or just my nerves. Or both. I looked for my name and sat down on my assigned seat. The exam facilitator was giving instructions in Korean. I tried my best to understand, struggling to focus amidst the pressure.

Again, I was shaking. I couldn’t focus. I even failed to shade my application number correctly which had me request for a new test sheet! The test hasn’t even started yet and I had bloopers all over.

For the writing part, we had 50 minutes. When it came to the major part worth 50 points, I only had 10 minutes left so I only got to write 300자 out of the required 700. For the listening part, it was tricky. For the reading, there were long passages I didn’t have time to read so I just had to rely on word hints and pray. Hahaha.

Well, looking back. I’m glad it happened that way. It added color to this wonderful testimony how God did it again! Another miracle! He did it!



More than anything else, I just want to give all the glory to the one and only God! He did it! I was drawn to my knees, in awe of His faithfulness. Oh, this undeserved gift — Your grace! 😀

So if there is anyone out there in doubt, I just want to encourage You that we have a great God who can do more than what we ask or imagine.

Blessings and love to you!



3 thoughts on “The 48th TOPIK Results are out!

  1. Hello, congratulations that you pass TOPIK 2 and got level 4! Can you please tell me your detailed scores from each section like listening, reading and writing? I am just struggling with writing. Do you have any strategy? I also plan to pass level 4. Thank you.


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