KGSP: Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a new year and people are looking for a new adventure of a lifetime. What better way to start than taking a step of faith and applying for a scholarship abroad? That thought of living independently in a foreign land, meeting new people, trying new things is so exciting! To everyone who’s on for that adventure, I’m totally with you! Go for it!

Where to wander next?

A year ago, I was ‘you‘. Always in front of my computer searching for tips and blogs that can help me with my application for the Korean Government Scholarship Program. Particularly from applicants in the Philippines as I suppose there will be at least slight differences in the application procedure, interviews, and successful candidate notifications for every country. Well, I had a tough time as it was almost non-existent. And I hope that through this blog, I will be able to help many of you this year.

But before anything else, I just want everybody to know that I did not pass KGSP 2016. So I’m not sure if you’d trust my answers to your questions. 🙂

But hey, a month after the results came out and my name was not on the final list, they called me again!!! I am still going to Korea this year with a full scholarship! You can read the story here: My KGSP Experience  And I hope it will inspire you to not be afraid, take that step of faith, do not be anxious, just do your best and God will do the rest. If it is meant for you, whichever route it takes, it will be yours. Nothing can take it away from you. NOTHING. 

Frequently Asked Questions for the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

Disclaimer: I am not in any way related to NIIED or the Korean Embassy. I speak only according to my experience. This does not guarantee anything.

FAQ #1: Which way do I have better chances, Embassy Track or University Track?

As we all know, you can only submit your documents once, either through the embassy or the university of your choice. But here are some points to consider:

  1. Embassy track takes a longer process than the University Track.
  2. But you have 3 choices of universities for the embassy track which means that if you pass the embassy interview, you only need to get approved by one university to secure a spot on the scholarship. As for the university track, you can only submit to one university of your choice, if you fail to pass the university admission, your journey ends there. (But of course, you can try again)
  3. For the embassy track, you are competing against hundreds of applicants from your country. Getting a call for interview is already a great feat. For the university track, you are competing against hundreds of applicants from all over the world who chose the same university you did.
  4. Also consider the number of slots in your country for both tracks.

Honestly, there is no certainty either way. You just have to go with your gut, which way are you more confident?

FAQ #2: What are the problems you encountered during your application?

I was volunteering in Eastern Samar at the time of my application so I guess the biggest challenge was gathering my documents such as the English Translation of my academic records, birth certificates, etc. I had to contact family members in Manila to help me, issue authorization letters to secure documents, and even fly back and forth to Manila. It took a lot of time…and money. But even with those constraints, I was able to submit my documents 2 weeks before the deadline.

To sum it up, there are 2 things you need to highly consider:

  1. Time – Never think you still have a month to go before the deadline. Do it now! It will save you from a lot of stress when you finally realize you only have a week and you still don’t have that document!
  2. Money – My case was different since I was living far from home. But if you have your documents within your reach, then you’ll have less expenses.

FAQ #3: How do I fill out the forms/complete the KGSP requirements? (Self introduction, study plan, etc)

I have one important tip on how to fill-out your forms: BE GENUINE.

Be honest. Be who you are. That’s the way I filled out all my documents especially the self-introduction. I didn’t pretend to be someone I was not. I resolved that I will not lie or cheat just to impress those who will review my documents and get the scholarship. And it paid off!

I’ll just focus on these two forms a lot of people asked about as the others are self-explanatory:


Write about who you are, your dreams, beliefs, life principles, family, work experiences, etc. Tip: Inspire! Encourage! But don’t be overly dramatic. Be on point.


This is very much like a research proposal. I wrote my goal of study, why I chose it as my focus, and how and why it is relevant. This really won’t be your final thesis subject for your course but I believe that they required it for the purpose of testing how well you know your field. Showcase that.


FAQ #4: Is GRE Subject score important?

I believe that they largely look at your final average and not your grades per subject. I actually have a failing grade (oh, Math!). Haha. As long as you have the final average of at least 80%, you’re good to go.

FAQ #5: Is the Korean Language Proficiency/TOPIK Score necessary?

Not really. I didn’t have mine. I passed TOPIK Level 4 only last October 2016. It’s optional but if you have it, include it. It surely is a plus!

FAQ #6: How do I know I passed the first stage? When do I get a call for interview?

For the university track, you’ll get an email from the university informing you that you have successfully been shortlisted for the next stage which is the NIIED Selection.

For the embassy track, you’ll receive an email and a call from the embassy. As for me, I received a call from the Korean Embassy in the Philippines just 3 days before the interview. So make sure to keep your lines open!

You may also read my post on KGSP Interview Process and Tips.


If you have any more questions, please do leave a comment below and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

I’m very excited for your journey!!! God bless you all!


39 thoughts on “KGSP: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hi Crystal^^in
    I’m glad that I have found your block. I actually would like to apply for the scholarship but I’m kinda hesitating because of my GPA.Yet, I already have written my statement of purpose and study plan. What I was wondering is, whether you also included the courses you would like to take during your study. I checked the courses offered at the 3 unis I chose. Then I have written the reasons as to why I would like to take them.


  2. Thank you for the detailed informations. It was a nice read!
    However, I’d like to ask if you know how the GPA requirement works. Am I only eligible if each individual semester had the minimum GPA? or is the cumulative 80% good too?
    Well I had a killer semester with lots of maths (you know how it is!) so I fell that time below the threshold.. but my other semesters are all good. It got me worried about my chances


  3. Hi! It’s really useful. I’m interested in applying for kgsp and many other scholarships. I have one question. Do they pay monthly allowance during summer and winter vacation? Do they pay 12 months? I’ve been to Korea and it’s one of the things to consider.


  4. hi! i really want to get some advices in choosing a track in applying. my gpa is 91% ,i’m in a top 2 rank in our whole class, i got many awards in highschool, (most of them are academic division level competitions, leadership training,division and regional school press conferences,journalism,etc. ) i’m also the editor in chief in our school publication org and vice president in our student council. the thing is i’m really not sure if i should include all my accomplishments (competitions,awards,honors cert. ) even though it’s not kind of “national or international ” awards or competitions? do you think i have the chance?i’m from philippines


    1. Hello! Hmm, i think you may include those. But I can’t really answer whether you got better chances or not since the selection criteria has never been disclosed 🙂 Just follow the guidelines and do your best. Just go for it… you’ll never know if you don’t!


  5. Hello. Your blog is a great help. I’m planning to take the KGSP this year. But do you really have to be a professor to pass? I think I saw it as one of the requirements for KGSP? Also, I graduated in college 5 years ago, IT, and want to pursue the masteral but on the different field on what i finished in college, do you think its possible? [Its because I never got the chance to have on-hand experience on it, (as a work)]. And I’m thinking of pursuing Masters in Korean language and Literature, do you think it will be okay?? ^^ Thank you very much and sorry for so many questions ^_^


  6. After reading your experience that you didn’t appear in the final list but still got a call gave me a hope. I will try my best and have trust in my God. Please pray for me.
    I’m from Pakistan. I have passed my 12th class last year (2016) and achieved 83%. So am I eligible to apply?


  7. Hello. This may be a silly question but I am filling out the forms right now and in Form 2 and 3 where they ask for the Letter of Introduction and Statement of Purpose, does it all have to fit inside of the box? For the Letter of Introduction form, they said keep it one page or less. For Statement of Purpose they said no more that 2 pages but only gave two boxes on one page??? Did you put your writings inside the box or did you write it in a regular document and attach it to the form?


  8. Sorry for two questions but for “Official Document of Family relationship” and proof of yours and your parents citizenship, what did you send? My parents have passport but I do not. I only have driving licence.


  9. Hello! Thank you for your posts on KGSP. They’ve been a great help so far. Just worried about the GPA conversion to 4.0 scale. I came from a school with a 1.0 scale so I know I’d have to convert it to 4.0 scale.

    Just a quick question about that. When I fill out the application form, do I have to convert all the GPAs per term to 4.0 scale too or do I just convert the cumulative GPA? Also, what do they mean by “GPA(Grade Point Average) must be converted to percentile scores.”? Is that for GPA for all terms or cumulative GPA?

    Sorry. I’m just really confused.



  10. Hi.For my first degree I had a gpa of 66% but I did a top up for the same course and had 85%.Do you think I stand a chance if I apply with both certificates?


  11. Hi… GOD bless you. Thanks.
    Actually this year I applied for embassy track but I failed. 😢😢I’m so sad. I’m so depression…
    What should I do?? I think now I’m so far of my dreams. I fight very much but I failed…. In my country competition is so much. Many people want come to Korea .

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Hi dear. I am Ara and I’m from Malaysia. I’ve passed the 1st selection under university track. Currently waiting for the final result by NIIED for the 2nd selection.

    Wish me all the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Can I ask you how about for the senior high school student applying for the undergraduate program, because the qualification must be graduated as of march 01 but you know the schooling period in the Philippines where graduation often happen during late march or early april? what should I do? I’m desperate for an answer T.T thank you so much


  14. Hello. I’m really thankful that I found your blog. Me and my sister want to try this out. We’ve been searching for someone to ask help from since this is our first time. I’m really glad that I found someone from the Philippines and close to my location. We have so many questions because we are really scared if this is safe or not because this is too good to be true. Is there any way that I can contact you aside from facebook/messenger? Instagram perhaps? I’ll be hoping for your reply~


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