#HKMacau2016: Day 2 – Macau Tour & Mongkok Ladies’ Night Market

Been on the road for work-related domestic travels for almost 2 weeks now and had no time for my extra activities such as blogging. Now that I’m finally on a rest day, I’ll take the opportunity to complete my HK-Macau travel blogs. So here we go. ——————————————————————————————————————————— We slept late and woke up late on… Read More #HKMacau2016: Day 2 – Macau Tour & Mongkok Ladies’ Night Market

Hong Kong Transportation

Among all the places and countries I’ve been to so far, I’d have to say Hong Kong has the best transportation system for its convenience, safety/security, cleanliness and access. The first thing to do when you arrive at Hongkong Airport is to buy your travel buddy/bestfriend: THE OCTOPUS CARD. Though you may also pay cash for bus rides or… Read More Hong Kong Transportation